SHAPE | dietary supplement

Re-model your body

Helps to reduce the absorption of sugars and fats in the intestine, facilitating their transit.


The result of an innovative international patent, able to "activate" microcrystalline (or ionized) cellulose, which has the ability to bind indissolubly with the molecules of fat and sugar, reducing absorption and allowing effective control of body weight. Thanks to the stable bonds with sugars and fats, it is able to incorporate any residual and inflammatory radical, avoiding contact with the intestinal walls and preventing any unwanted side effects, such as meteorism and flatulence. The formula is completed by highly effective active ingredients of natural origin, without contraindications, and proves to be extremely effective as an aid in controlling the feeling of hunger. Easy to use daily thanks to the practical packaging in sachets, it is taken twice a day before main meals with a glass of water.


Traditionally used to control the feeling of hunger, it favours the balance of body weight.

Favours the regularity of the intestinal transit.

Contributes to maintaining normal glucose levels in the blood.

It has an effective absorbent action against food fats and sugars.

Gives a pleasant taste to the compound to be taken by mouth.

The box contains 42 sachets of 5 g each – packaging for 21 days.

  • RECOMMENDED USE: 1 sachet just before or immediately after main meals (2 sachets per day).

Maximum efficiency thanks to activated cellulose

Thanks to very resistant bonds (practically indissoluble even at high temperatures and with specific solvents) it does not allow the reabsorption of specifically sequenced molecules (fats and sugars).

Thanks to the mucilaginous microcrystalline polymeric structure waterproof, resistant, elastic and very selective) it does not interact with drugs and other non-target substances.

Uniqueness and strong points

  • The result of an international patent for the activation of microcrystalline cellulose (or ionized cellulose), it creates an indissoluble bond with lipid molecules and has an effective absorbing effect on food fats and sugars.
  • An intensely effective dietary supplement to help control body weight, which ensures the absence of unpleasant side effects.
  • It favours the regularity of intestinal transit and is an adjunct to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
  • A simple and comfortable treatment in every daily situation, thanks to the practical packaging in sachets.
  • It does not generate abdominal pain and weakness thanks to the formation of an agglomerate (cellulose-sugar-fat) which is soft and homogeneous and prevents the contact of functional groups and free radicals, inflammatory agents for the intestinal wall.

Target and marketing levers

target: over 18

«I need a product that eliminates my desire for food, but without contraindications»
«I see myself as fat and I would like a more toned and lean body, but I don't intend to follow a diet.»
«I would like to reduce my body weight without resorting to medicines or surgical operations.»