B-SELFIE Ageless

Smile Line Care

The first self-beauty filler to fill naso-labial folds (smile lines)

It reduces the fold between the nose and the labial margin, removing quickly any embarass and giving you back the pleasure of an ageless smile, easily and painless.

Therapeutic difficulties: critical issues

  • thick tissue, albeit subject to hypotrophic areas
  • area with peculiar physiological characteristics
  • area subjected to mimic movements
  • tissue differentiation along the whole naso-labial fold
  • nasal root is a complex area

The risks of a traditional filler

  • naso-labial fold granulomas
  • alternated areas of hypo and hyper correction
  • shows in hypotrophic areas
  • long-term defects in the fold and on the edges of it
  • hematomas and “monkey face”

The advantages of B-SELFIE Ageless

  • easy to apply
  • anatomical shape to fit the movement of the area
  • the microneedles’ length can reach the dermo-epidermal junction
  • controlled diffusion
  • EGF presence ensure a long-term tissue enhancement and make the treatment the only one which can bio-revitalize the vermillion
  • quick effect and controlled duration

Before and after


after four treatments

Target and marketing levers

Target: 30 to 65 year-olds

«The fold between the nose and the lips is too pronounced and makes me look older.»
«I’d like to be able to smile again without feeling the unease and the embarassment of naso-labial folds.»