Eyezone care

Winner of the 2017 Estheti-Award
for innovation in professional aesthetics


«The first wrinkle-removing self beauty filler which can be applied as a band-aid and can infiltrate hyaluronic acid into the dermis under the simple pressure of a finger, painlessly and without bleeding. The wrinkle-removing effect is visibile after only two hours of application».

Therapeutic difficulties: critical issues

  • thin tissue
  • area with peculiar physiological characteristics
    • area subjected to mimic movements
    • tissue varies strongly from the medial area to the side area
    • tear trough is an impervious area

The risks of a traditional filler

  • tear trough granulomas
  • hematomas
  • high risk of iper-correction
  • long-term trough defects
  • shows during mimical movements and in particular conditions

The advantages of B-SELFIE Eye

  • easy to apply
  • the shape adapts to the whole periorbital area (side and lower)
  • the microneedles’ length can reach the dermo-epidermal junction
  • EGF presence ensure a long-term tissue treatment
  • quick effect and controlled duration

Before and after


After two hours of treatment


after two hours of treatment


after two hours of treatment

Target and marketing levers

Target: 30 to 65 year-olds

«Tomorrow I have a meeting at work and I have to look great.»
«I’ve had a sudden invitation and my eyezone is a mess
«My tan is great, but the eyezone skin is very dry and some wrinkles have surfaed
«I’m very stressed-out lately and, looking at my eyezone… you can tell!.»