Smoker line remover

Fills the upper-lip wrinkles’ depression in only two hours!

A quick and simple solution to remove the so-called “bar-code” and earn a youthful smile.

Therapeutic difficulties: critical issues

  • area with peculiar physiological characteristics
  • thin tissue, albeit subjected to hypertrophic area due to usual overtreatment over a long time
  • area subjected to volume subsidence in various phases of life and in relation to the dental arch
  • tissue differentiation in the vermillion border, the filter and the perinasal area
  • Cupid’s bow is a complex area
  • painful area for injective treatments

The risks of a traditional filler

  • labial margin granulomas
  • alternated areas of hypo and hyper correction
  • creation of unnatural volumes
  • shows in the thinnest folds
  • hematomas
  • “monkey face”

The advantages of B-SELFIE Smooth

  • easy to apply
  • anatomical shape to fit the movement of the area
  • modular graft to adapt to all needs
  • the microneedles’ length can reach the dermo-epidermal junction
  • controlled diffusion
  • EGF presence ensure a long-term tissue enhancement
  • quick effect and controlled duration

Before and after


after four treatments

Target and marketing levers

Target: 30 to 65 year-olds

«I smoked so much my upper-lip wrinkles make me look ten years older.»
«The aesthetic doctor has told me that no fillers exist for this kind of wrinkle.»