Lip Filler

Make your lips plumper and more sensual for a seductive smile in only two hours!

B-SELFIE Volume gives new volume to the vermillion, lifting the Cupid’s bow with a shape-defining effect.

Therapeutic difficulties: critical issues

  • area with peculiar physiological characteristics
  • thin and very delicate tissue, where injections are not advisable
  • area subjected to volume subsidence in various phases of life and in relation to the dental arch
  • Cupid’s bow is a complex area
  • traumatic and herpes scars

The risks of a traditional filler

  • vermillion and labial margin granulomas
  • alternated areas of hypo and hyper correction
  • creation of unnatural volumes
  • breaking of the septa and and incorrect and alternate filling
  • hyper or hypo cromic damage to the vermillion and hematomas
  • venous lakes (chronicization of iatrogenic hematomas)

The advantages of B-SELFIE Volume

  • easy to apply
  • anatomical shape to fit the movement of the lips
  • anatomical adhesive larger than the treatment area, to adapt to all shapes
  • the microneedles’ length can reach the dermo-epidermal junction
  • EGF presence ensure a long-term tissue enhancement and make the treatment the only one which can bio-revitalize the vermillion
  • quick effect and controlled duration

Before and after


After two hours of treatment


After two hours of treatment


After two hours of treatment

Target and marketing levers

Target: 16 to 60 year-olds

«Tonight I want to have the sexiest smile in the disco.»
«Tomorrow evening I want to have plump and seductive lips, to impress on the first date.»
«I have an elegant night out and I’d like to have plumper and more sensual lips.»